CRM Ahoy Salesforce Consulting for private sector

Rewards Software Salesforce Case Study

Client’s Challenge

A leading worldwide provider of rewards software, this company came to us for some Salesforce help. Their existing sales process in Salesforce was complicated and not intuitive to sales reps. We advised on the best Salesforce fixes, created a success road map and worked with sales to increase user-adoption.

Client’s Needs

  • Sales process in Salesforce was broken
  • Existing sales process in Salesforce was complicated and not intuitive to sales reps
  • The system was not configured with the ability to sell both to customers and partners
  • Unable to effectively calculate sales rep commission
  • Unable to identify and track sales by product Type/Category
  • Salesforce did not support subscription products

CRM Ahoy’s Solution

  • Redesigned the sales process in Salesforce
  • Introduced product classification so that client could track overall sales and pipeline by product category
  • Implemented an intuitive and efficient way for sales reps to add products to an opportunity and apply discounts
  • Configured Salesforce to support unique selling process for resellers/partners and provisioned Salesforce to manage tier levels of partners
  • Configured Salesforce to manage and track sales rep commission
  • Automated opportunity creation to effectively manage and track subscription sales pipeline
  • Set up dashboards and reports that enable client to track key sales metrics for the company
  • Formulated and shared data strategy for client
  • Advised on process to be followed to manage all data with Salesforce

Impact On Client’s Business

  • Allowed sales reps to be more efficient working opportunities in Salesforce
  • Reduced the time spent to close sale lead
  • Increased visibility of sales and pipeline numbers for management
  • Provided better visibility into the activities of the partners of the company

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