Salesforce For Nonprofits

Our team of Salesforce Nonprofit Consultants work with you to successfully implement Salesforce for your organization. 

Salesforce Consulting For Nonprofits
Salesforce Consulting For Nonprofits

We Help You Get A 360° View Of Your Customer

Imagine that you could track each touch point of your customer/members – How much they’ve donated, what events they’ve attended, how often they’ve volunteered, when their membership expires, if they opened your email, how often they’ve visited…. and then have this reported to you. In real-time. Basically, a 360° view of your members.

With Salesforce you can. And we at CRM Ahoy are your Nonprofit Salesforce Consulting Partner to get your there.

What We Do

Our team of Nonprofit Salesforce Consultants work with you and your organization directly to assess your nonprofit business needs. Do you want to raise more funds? Engage more members? Increase your email opens? We’ve seen it all. After listening, we sit down and offer you a great, intuitive and future-proof Salesforce solution.

Nonprofit Salesforce Consulting From CRM Ahoy - Step 1

Step 1

We identify your data sources and fields to be migrated

Nonprofit Salesforce Consulting From CRM Ahoy - Step 2

Step 2

Talk with you about what your needs are (donations/donor management, event ticketing, etc.)

Nonprofit Salesforce Consulting From CRM Ahoy - Step 3

Step 3

We look for apps that already meet your needs (We only develop when necessary)

Nonprofit Salesforce Consulting From CRM Ahoy - Step 4

Step 4

We then get to work following a “phase integration approach” with agile project management

Nonprofit Salesforce Consulting From CRM Ahoy - Step 5

Step 5

We supply you with a comprehensive rollout checklist

Nonprofit Salesforce Consulting From CRM Ahoy - Step 6

Step 6

We train, get team buy-in,  user acceptance, we go live and support until needed!

Adoption & Future-Proofing

Salesforce is 100% worthless if no one in your organization uses it. Thus, during the development process, we begin training your employees on how to use Salesforce, how it will help them and make the organization work better. We also make sure that all Nonprofit Salesforce Integrations are intuitive and simple to understand/use. We also “future-proof,” meaning we give you the best solution that is sustainable, scalable and won’t need replacing in a couple of years.

Automation, Automation, Automation

With each nonprofit solution we consult on, we make sure that automation is the ultimate focus. You don’t have time to manually run a million reports, send thousands of emails or send hundreds “thank yous.” Thus, we integrate automation rules each step of the way.

Agile Project Management

We don’t just listen, leave and show up with a complete new system. No, we approach the integration in an agile way – we suggest the solution, integrate the solution, get feedback from the client, and repeat until the client signs-off and is 100% satisfied. Test, train, retest… success!

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